Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Keen as Green

What better place to begin a blog than with one of my enduring passions. Food.

From my perch at the kitchen bench in Tyagarah, the hills in the distance are shrouded by a grey misty damp but inside, there’s a flourish of green worship going on.

Having just returned from the Byron Farmers Market, I’m compelled to honour my green friends with a photo. Smile for the camera! Their leafy and leguminous genius is reducing me to a salivating mess. Is it legitimate to have salad for breakfast? I’ll be the judge of that!

A trip to the Byron Farmers Market is the closest I’ve come to gastronomic heaven since my gypsy days in the Dolomites in northern Italy, 30 years ago. Minus the salami!

My budget this morning, after counting coins and rounding things off - $33. I've got much more than that in my wallet, but that's what I'm allowing myself. I know, you can’t get much for that these days, but there is only one of me remember! So I think to myself, that’s do-able. Everything’s a bit more expensive than at the corner greengrocer but hey, you can’t have a latte at the greengrocers, you don’t get serenaded by Spanish guitar at the greengrocers, you can’t buy fresh out of the oven spelt apricot and apple flans at the greengrocers, and you don’t walk over a carpet of freshly scattered rose petals at the greengrocers. It’s eminently worth the experience.

Now at home and going through the wallet, I’ve blown the budget and spent $47. It’s the free-wheeling happy hen eggs and local brie that’s done it. Should I give a shit?

If plump, wet, charismatic and longing to be held were words used to describe leaves, which usually they’re not, that’s exactly what this display of chlorophyll is. I suspect I’m in danger of going completely loopy in my enthusiasm here, but I just can’t help it.
l'insalata per favore!

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