Sunday, April 25, 2010


There’s no mistaking the face of beauty.

It’s a flame tree in changing light; blue opal wedged in rock. It’s the perfectly formed ears of a newborn; the tired and contented amble of men returning to community after the experience of initiation.

But primarily, it‘s the face of woman.

It’s her eyes, eyes that unwaveringly meet you, that say I see you, I hear you, I empathize with you, I meet you in your struggle, I meet you in your triumph.

It’s her tranquillity, the way she sits in silence with you, without fidgeting, distraction or discomfort listening to your every word.

It’s her recognition that duty must be abandoned in order to support your loneliness and grief.

It’s the audacity of her fierce wrath, a wrath that must be expressed when justice is denied, truth mocked, or her honour smeared.

It’s the sleeplessness she endures, the resilience and strength she musters for the sake of the children.

It’s the humble vision and wisdom she upholds that one day war will cease and harmony will return to the people of this vulnerable earth.

Rarely is it acknowledged however.


  1. I am Woman, hear me roar!

    Beautiful photo. Beautiful prose-poem too.

  2. I agree with Rosemary! Very beautiful and heartfelt