Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet Mahko

Name:                             Mahko
Gender:                          Gentleman
Location:                         Brunswick Heads NSW
Date of Birth:                  Some time during 1620
Relationship Status:       Single
Smoking:                        Not near me you won’t!
Personality:                    Attention-seeking
Nationality:                     Cross-cultural
Employment:                  Wallflower
Diet:                                Healthy admiration
Religion:                         What?
Dress Sense:                  Ostentatious
Interests:                         Hot babes
Children:                         Only if they look like me!

Facts and Footnotes:

Mahko is one of three period costume pieces I designed and constructed during studies for a  Diploma of Theatre Costume Manufacturing 1998/9.

Mahko is for sale (or hire/contract)

Ensemble:                   Doublet (jacket)
                                    Trunkhose (trousers)
                                    Detachable codpiece
                                    Lace Ruff
                                    Suede Beret
                                    Lamé stockings 
                                    (7 items) 

Medium:                      Ostrich skin, antique nylon
                                    quilting, skin print tapestry,
                                    silk Indian sari, lamé,
                                    suede, gold braid, cotton,
                                    lace, metal
Viewing/enquiries:       Phone: 0431 600 138
                                    POA, negotiable

Stand by in coming weeks for introductions to Mahko's eclectic family, Hadisha and Lush.

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